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Cheap NFL Jerseys China.While we’re at it, allow multiple players to be in motion simultaneously before the snap, and let one player be moving toward the line of scrimmage. Modern NFL coaches are capable of some incredibly creative play-calling within the current restrictive rules. Just imagine what someone like Bill Belichick or Mike McCarthy could do if there were no limits on how they lined up their players. If nothing else, we’d get more plays like this one from the Indianapolis Colts, which is both the worst and most entertaining play in history.NFL Jerseys From China.The current rule makes no sense. Why do we arbitrarily say that some players can catch forward passes, but others can’t? Of course, teams probably wouldn’t send their linemen downfield very often. Combined with the previous formation rule change, however, we’d be looking at an entirely new era of football. Would teams eschew conventional positions, playing with fewer than five linemen? Would hybrid tight end-receiver-party-animals like Rob Gronkowski become even more valuable? And would Chip Kelly’s players mutiny when he tried having all 11 in constant motion? It’s all on the table, my friends.Authentic Football Jerseys.

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